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  1. Hello all, I had sepsis in 2015 I was 27 and almost lost my life as professionals just assumed it was the kidney stones making me feel that way. I'm still having such nasty relapses but like you it's never taken seriously it always gets blamed on anxiety attacks (which it could be) but I get the following symptoms: Fast heart rate, greyish skin tone, shivers, chills, hot flashes, vomiting. In the end I lay down and just breathe and usually fall asleep. It's not always that easy as I have 2 young babies. I believe what we need is a GP who understands and fast tracks us to hospital straight away. I would feel so much safer. I get panicky thinking how long the process is from feeling awful to actually getting to the hospital. I was dying last time and was still kept waiting. I'm still scared 2 years on it's just awful. I don't know what to do to have a better quality of life and I try sooo hard. It will just suddenly got no reason overcome me with flashbacks and fear. If I do get a UTI I also am terrified it will lead to me being really poorly again. I've had councilling I've pushed myself to go on holidays, days out, I'm currently on maternity leave so am a full time mum. I just want the fear and physical symptoms to go away. But how? Sorry to write an essay it's just so nice to let go and be honest. X
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