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    Hello, As someone who a month ago had never experienced the effects of Sepsis - let alone even heard of it under that name - I can now say my world is completely altered. My partner, Alan, died a month ago of Sepsis brought on by bronchopneumonia. In the space of eight hours what had started out in the middle of the night as throwing-up due to a suspected 'dodgy' reaction to something eaten the evening before, resulted in Alan's death. I've lost my partner, companion and best friend in life. Alan showed no signs or symptoms of any sickness the day before and it's destroying to know that what looked like 'everyday' sickness, the start of flu or a bad bug was in fact killing him. In a few hours all Alan had by way of symptoms was vomiting and 'feeling very hot'. All many adults would do is sleep it off and rest, as he tried to, as we all do with any suspected 24-hour flu or stomach bug that hits us. This is how I last saw him: in bed, asleep thinking he was doing the right thing and resting. I found Alan dead in bed later on. He was in a sleeping position so I hope - not much comfort right now - that he passed out and he died in his sleep/unconscious. The effects of Sepsis are truly dreadful and yet so few people know about this fast killer - the window of opportunity seems appallingly small and the ways in which it kills are so varied. The frightening thing is that many of it's symptoms - to the uninitiated - are things all adults suffer from time-to-time. I noticed on the news the following day the Government announcing a new campaign to encourage GPs to spot the symptoms sooner. I hope this saves lives, but how many people will know to contact with things many expect to shake off in a day or so, especially when told to go away if the symptoms are flu-like? Reading some of the posts here and elsewhere remind me I'm not the only one in this terrible boat but cannot bring back the one I loved. However, we must do what we can to prevent and minimise the effects of this terrible infection. Regards, Paul
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