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  1. Hi everyone. Two to three weeks ago I came down with conjunctivitis and a cough and felt terrible. 4 days after that I began suffering from dizziness in work and had to go home where I began to have vomiting and severe shaking. The next day I woke up was delirious and could hardly walk or do anything. I went to the doctors who phoned an ambulance and I was admitted right away with sepsis and my body had gone into septic shock. My blood pressure was seriously low and my heart rate was 170bpm. I spent 3 days in ICU and was then moved to a ward where I stayed the rest of the week. I have been out now for a week and a half and I am feeling much better but I'm suffering majorly from my skin being dried out and peeling and also from muscle pain and exhaustion. I am quite young, 22, and the doctors never actually found the cause for this happening. Also I have just found the whole experience so emotionally draining. I have a 4 year old and I worry every day about the fact I could have died and the impact that would have. I am really just looking support as I am fearful of developing this again due to having no answer as to why I developed it this time. I am wondering if it is more likely to happen again because I have had it? Also I have been signed off work for 6 weeks from the date of admission and I m wondering how long most people take before returning to work? Thank you in advance for any support or reassurance you can provide.
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