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  1. Dear Charlie H20 I can only imagine what a horrible and difficult time this must be for you, and of course your Husband. Just hold on fast to Hope and Faith (whatever that may be for you). Six years ago today, I went into hospital to have my gall bladder removed, and - well, things went very wrong and after two days I ended up with profound Septic Shock. I was transferred to another hospital, and owe my presence here now to the skill and care of the surgeons and staff there. I too was on dialysis for a while. So my expected stay of one night turned into 16 months, and it was a long journey. Now, six years on. I don't have quite the strength and energy that I once did, but I can and do live quite a good life, all things considered. I was able to return to work (albeit part-time) and driving, both of which were big milestones. The most significant thing for me throughout that "battle" was the constant love and support of my beloved Partner and my two daughters - which so helped me hold myself together. I do hope that your Husband progresses well, and the clouds start clearing for both of you very soon. Very best wishes.
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