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  1. Thankyou for your reply in regards to looking after my son some days I struggle but I’m a single parent so have to get up and go no matter how painful my legs are I have recently seen a doctor who has ordered I have a blood test and has prescribed me strong painkillers unfortunately I found they made me drowsy during the day so I take the once my son is asleep and settle for the night, I thank god every day for giving my son a chance at life and not stopping mine as I know sepsis is a huge killer, I hope your well X
  2. So July 2017 I had 2 previous UTI’s and had no symptoms what so ever I went to sleep on the Monday feeling fine as ever I woke up around 7pm and had excruciating pain in my hips down to my toes and felt utterly sick ???? passing this off i went to bed but I couldn’t sleep longer than 40 mins at a time without needing a drink wich I’d just bring back up or crawling the bed in pain with my legs, i made an appointment the next morning to see my doctor. I gave a sample of urine wich was like pure blood, explained everything to my GP who sent me home with menthol gel for my leg pain and advised I
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