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  1. Thankyou for your reply in regards to looking after my son some days I struggle but I’m a single parent so have to get up and go no matter how painful my legs are I have recently seen a doctor who has ordered I have a blood test and has prescribed me strong painkillers unfortunately I found they made me drowsy during the day so I take the once my son is asleep and settle for the night, I thank god every day for giving my son a chance at life and not stopping mine as I know sepsis is a huge killer, I hope your well X
  2. So July 2017 I had 2 previous UTI’s and had no symptoms what so ever I went to sleep on the Monday feeling fine as ever I woke up around 7pm and had excruciating pain in my hips down to my toes and felt utterly sick ???? passing this off i went to bed but I couldn’t sleep longer than 40 mins at a time without needing a drink wich I’d just bring back up or crawling the bed in pain with my legs, i made an appointment the next morning to see my doctor. I gave a sample of urine wich was like pure blood, explained everything to my GP who sent me home with menthol gel for my leg pain and advised I went to my local shop and got tonic water to help too, despite been 7 months pregnant she didn’t seem interested and passed me out with amoxicillin ( wich you can not take in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy) so off I go back home to try and rest, gets to 5pm I’m quite delirious and don’t quite remember anything from around that time to 11pm when I was rushed to hospital I got there and the nurse took one look at me and instantly knew I was septic, further test shown I had 13cm Of fluid around my left kidney and it was failing and the pains in my legs was related to my body been in septic shock, I had blood pressure of 68/46 and a heart rate of over 145 and a temp of 40 I had 9 bags of fluid immediately as I got there as I was severely dehydrated yet I’d been trying to drink as much fluid as I could but I couldn’t keep it down. I was in hospital 7 days and let home with further medication. I cannot thank the staff at the hospital enough that I survived and miraculously my little boy survived who is now a very healthy 6 month old bundle of cuteness! But my god it’s been 8 months now and I still get severe pains in my legs I get lower back ache on my left side which was the kidney that was affected and I cannot do a lot of walking without my legs feeling like they are going to collapse at any point. Please someone reassure me this is normal and it will only get better, I am in no way grumbling as like I’ve previously said I’m so lucky to be here but I’m only 24 years old and I feel like my legs belong to a 70 year old at times Thanks for reading x
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