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  1. Hi, my Mum passed away on 9th October. On the 2nd October we were at a meeting to see if she was eligible for NHS continuing healthcare funding, as she had been declared medically fit to be discharged from hospital after 4 months in there. When we left Mum in the afternoon she was tired after a busy day, but ok. The next morning my sister phoned Mum, but the Doctor answered her phone and said that Mum was not well, being sick and being treated for pneumonia. 2 hours later I got a call from the Doctor saying Mum had sepsis and advised that family should go to the hospital asap as they didn't think she would survive the day. That evening the decision was taken to stop treatment, and we were told that Mum probably wouldn't survive the night. In fact Mum survived for another cruel 6 days. Watching Mum suffer was horrendous, family stayed with her 24 hrs a day. When we got the cause of death certificate, we were shocked that sepsis was not listed. The pain and suffering which Mum, and the family, endured from sepsis had not been recognised, and is not included in the national statisics for death caused by sepsis. We have heard that if it is, a coroners inquest has to be held. We didn't feel we could challenge it as Dad wouldn't have coped with prolonging the time until the funeral. Is this something that others have found? Have you challenged the hospital either at the time that the certificate was issued, or afterwards? Thanks, Alison
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