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  1. Dear all I am new to this forum having discovered it after trying to research the "side effects" of sepsis. Back in September I had an infected gallbladder. I had it removed and instead of being just day case surgery I was admitted to hospital for four days and treated for sepsis. In the days leading up to it I felt very unwell with rigors, fever, mottled skin and honestly could have written out a will, I felt so bad. I've never felt so unwell and frightened in my life. I'm a nurse myself, but I continue to feel emotionally and physically drained by the whole experience. Psychologically I am still having "flashbacks" to the experience and worried about going back to working in a clinical environment and that I wont be able to take care of people properly, whilst I'm still trying to deal with all this. I'm terrified of becoming unwell again. Physically, I am managing to sleep but still wake up exhausted, have not yet returned to work and not doing all the usual things I used to love - swimming, being out all the time, shopping, even going to work in a job I used to love. I've withdrawn from friends and social gatherings because I tire so easily which is making me feel even more depressed. I've been to the GP for repeat blood tests and scans which have all come back normal. I guess my question is could all this be related to "post sepsis syndrome?". I'm only 36 and to be so incapacitated from normal life is sending me crazy, I used to be non-stop on the go. I wasn't in intensive care or anything, just treated on the ward and I just wonder if I am going crazy and if it's all in my head or if this is something that happens after sepsis? I'm so frustrated and have had a few panic attacks (which I'd never ever had before). I've been seeing a counsellor who has been amazing and trying things like meditation but I just need to know is there an end to it and does life ever get back to normal?
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