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  1. I had a burst colon and severe sepsis poisoning THE HOSPITAL ONLY GAVE ME 10% of surviving the 5 hour operation to remove all my Colon and give me a stoma bag. I was a survivor but my kidneys needed flushing out and my blood needed replacing all my body was infected, when I came around from the op I was on life support for 7 days then intensive care for 3 months as I could not speak or walk I was given therapy and loads of different medicine. It was a terrible time but within 3 weeks of the operation I could speak again and after 10 weeks of therapy I can walk with a stick quite reasonably well. I am home now but need lots of support from my wife the after support from the hospital is non existing. I am certain your husband will get better in time they tell me it will take up to 2 years for all my body to recover but at this moment I am suffering with post sepsis shock disorder which includes bouts of severe depression and all sorts of body malfunction, My wife went through what you appear to be getting but your husband is alive and it will take a while for him to begin showing signs of recovery.
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