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  1. Hi, There are so many variations of the effects of sepsis. I am finding it very difficult to come to terms with my experience and feel that I should stop thinking about it. To cut a long story short I lost 5 days completely. I am gradually remembering snippets of that time, such as nurses telling me they had to take all the blankets and put a fan on. I am medical myself which seems to make it all worse as I know how the ‘sepsis six’ is drummed into us. After 24 hours of not really knowing anything (I do not remember the journey home from America to UK) I don’t remember picking up the car at Heathrow or arriving home. My husband took me to the doctors the evening we arrived home. My temperature was 38.6, I was having rigours, my pulse was 132 the GP told me it was a UTI. Apparently I told him I thought it was pyelonephritis and was he sure (some part of me was working although I do not remember). By the next evening we saw another doctor, my temperature was 39.8 and I was immediately admitted to hospital. I had pyelonephritis, pneumonia, my liver function tests were terrible, I needed blood transfusions, I had a pancreatic stent, I have a splenic arterial aneurysm which they think has been caused by the infection. 7 months later and 3 operations I have managed to return to work very part time but I am exhausted. I feel afraid that this tiredness will not go. I miss my old life where I was super fit. My liver is still far from normal which has knock on effects such as my serum ferretin which are very high making my joints and muscles ache. But I am alive, my poor husband was told there was a good chance I wouldn’t be. I am sure my brain is a little slower but I am hoping all will return to normal. How long do you think this will be? Has anybody been through similar who would tell me there recovery experience. I keep reliving it and try to fill in the gaps. My husband tells me I must move on but I cannot quite believe it all happened.
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