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  1. Thank you for the advice, i spoke to them and got the recovery booklet before i did this post, i am hoping to get to the meeting at knutsford
  2. I had surgery to remove the metal work from my wrist because they think i am allergic to it, what was ment to be an hour operation lasted over 4, i left hospital the next day, 2 days later i was still in alot of pain and went to the local out of hours, where i was given morphine for the pain. 3 days later i was not feeling 100% my chest felt a little tight, so my sister took me down to the walk in centre where the nurse took 1 look at me, and said i don't like the look of you, the sweat was pouring from me, she got another nurse to take a look at me, and said i needed to go to the local hospital as they both thought there was a chance that i had sepsis. Once i got to the A&E department they took bloods from me, and hooked me up to a drip to get fluids and antibiotics into me, i was kept in overnight and then released the next day, i went to my orthopedic appointment on the friday, and they where not happy with the way i was treated, they put a plan into place that if i was not feeling well i was to go straight there and they would just treating me according to the plan in place. I have been having weekly appointments at the othopedic apartment to check on my wrist and the wound. I am concently tired, i can not control the sweating, i am scared that i might get another infection, and get the sepsis again, i can not believe how ill i have been, but when people ask me how i am feeling now? i can not answer, as i do not know how i feel
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