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  1. This is scary close to so much I had and am still dealing with. Right down to the nerve damage in the foot which is a motherfucker!
  2. In addition to aching all the time I have constant rage. My breathing is still sketchy as sepsis wore a hole in my lung collapsing it, my equilibrium is shot and everything seems like a massive effort. Except for cooking which I love to do and that chills me out. My wife is utterly remarkable and her support has been invaluable to me. (No booze for me either, but I quit that in May 2018).
  3. My name’s Scott. On June 1st 2019 I was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties. This was in fact influenza which developed into double pneumonia. Sepsis wasn’t far behind. It tore a hole in my lung the size of a shotgun wound. It shut down my kidneys, liver and stomach. I had a higher percentage chance of death than survival. But survive I did. I went to sleep June 1st and came back to the land of the living in July on the back end of a month long coma. I still have Post Sepsis Syndrome and have a long road yet to go. But I’m still here. そして、私は死の殺人者です...
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