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  1. CharleyH2O, I am replying as a survivor now enjoying life after 5 years when it all seemed lost - I’m afraid it can take a while! Please read this as a message of hope and possibility. I had frequent admissions with liver infections needing drained each time, before my gall bladder was removed, and this gave me extreme Sepsis. I was in ICU for 7 weeks on life support and dialysis, my son came home from Australia as he was told I would not make it. Recovery took a while as I learned to walk again and I was treated for severe depression during this time. I developed an incurable blood disorder when I was better, and this meant regular draining of my spleen and the treatment gave me diabetes requiring frequent insulin injections each day. I am now healed, and deeply grateful for so much - the NHS care, both physical and mental, was extraordinary. And not least, the devotion of my wife and family was unstinting. I have welcomed my second grandson now, and look forward to each day. This has taken time, and many ups and downs, but the joy of restored life is so precious. I wish you blessing and strength through this time, and look forward your better news. Love and blessing. Brian W.
  2. Hello, Isabel, I have also experienced most of what you shared after Sepsis in 2012 when I was in ICU for 7 weeks. I too am 71 (only male!) and have had several further setbacks with a blood condition and with severe depression. The single thing that helped me most was a great mental health physio who concentrated what was going on in my head while I learned to walk again, use stairs etc. I don’t know if such help is available near you, but I would say it might be worth pursuing. I wish you every blessing in the time ahead, and support as one who has also considered if life was worth living. Yes it is! Brian W.
  3. Skyehammer, I had dreams similar to yours. I was in ITU for 7 weeks over Christmas 2014 - Jan 2015 in Inverclyde Royal. Some had no connection with what was happening, but certain parts had some reality to them. Like you I pulled my breathing tube out, and I also could glimpse a building which was initially a mosque - I had been arrested in the Middle East - and then on a snow covered mountain in Canada as the rescue plane flew me home, and finally one of the hospital buildings as I came off sedation. These remain very vivid to me, but not as terrifying as yours, although frightening at the time. I find it helpful to share experiences like yours because it is maybe only survivors that really relate to what has happened. Thanks. Brian W.
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