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Found 4 results

  1. Hi , I found this site yesterday and thought someone might be able to help me, I have read all the very sad stories on here and feel that you are the only people who might understand how I feel so here goes. My brother Paul who was 3 years younger than me and who had Downes Syndrome passed away in June 2016, as it was an unexplained death ( he had not been unwell, or so we thought), until the night before his death, he had to have a post-mortem, which in itself was distressing enough for us , it took until Friday of this week to get the results, although we were able to lay him to rest in July 2016, we could not register his death until we received the results. He was taken to a local hospital ( he lived very happily in supported living in London) and was admitted at approx 9.30 pm after being in a@e for a couple of hours, I had seen him that day and he had been his normal self laughing and messing about but saying that he never usually told anyone if he was feeling unwell as he hated missing any of his activities, anyway I left him at 5.30 pm to go to my daughters before my long drive home to Dorset. At 8.30 am I received a phone call from one of his support workers telling me he had been taken into hospital the night before and was still there, he had apparently gone downstairs an hour after I left and was crying with stomach pain! So they took him straight to a@ e. At approx 11am I received a phone call from the hospital saying he was very ill and they would let me know of his progress, some hour later a doctor phoned to say he had gone into respiratory failure and had died, I drove to London and met a younger brother and we went to say our goodbyes as soon as I saw him I knew it was sepsis but have had to wait nearly 9 months for the official conclusion. Apparently he was healthy in every way although he was obese and had very low white blood cell count which was discovered a couple of years before but when we went to talk to the doctors who had treated him that day , they seemed unaware of this fact , we are waiting for an investigation into the hospital treatment he received , there are other issues involved as well , but I wanted to know if they had put him on antibiotics as soon as he had been admitted would he possibly still be with us? I myself feel very guilty in the fact that I was not with him as I know he would have been so frightened by all of the treatment he apparently had to go through , I was always there for him if I was needed. I feel angry that I was not told a lot earlier how serious this was as this all started off at about 9.00. am , he was walking about before that. I would have been in London by about 11.30 and been with him. I thank you for your time and sorry if this is to long a post but needed to explain fully. Carol
  2. Hi, i recently lost my mum this August the 18th which was my 24th birthday we had no idea that she has had the startings of it. My mum had been through so much in her life time having Sherman's disease, two hip replacements, three heart attacks, pneumonia, suffering with awrful rumertoid arthritis in both shoulders, due to lack of care at home from nurses who didn't do her bloods regularly found out she was type 2 diabetes 4 weeks before she died and said her kidneys weren't working, we had no support to help my mum get to grips with being a diabetic no nurse to guide or have a sugar tester so mum can check her sugars, the diabetic board said my mum wasn't a high enough case to tick all the boxes to be treated as a diabetic and this is when I found a small bruise on her leg which I asked her what it was she said she must of banged it being old you bruise easy. The next day there was another and also a love heart red rash on her leg baring in mind she had been suffering with ulcers because she sufferd with water retention in her legs which caused blister out bursts and if we had known earlier she was diabetic we would of known why the ulcers where so hard to get rid of as I got rid of two but one on the front just wouldn't heal. Eventually my mum started to feel unwell showing all the signs she had sepsis we was told by the 111 service my mum wouldn't get seen to for another 6 hours I was livid. We ended up getting emergency ambulance and we took her in. They put her on antibiotics and said she had a very severe case of sepsis and how my mum had lasted so long they was amazed by how strong she was on. They said she was going to have to have an operation to remove the tissues that was infected or amputated, when they was getting her ready I was on my own with my mum and she started to have a fit where the heart was being stopped by the sepsis infection crushing her heart the last thing I remember is her looking at me when she took her last breath and I can't help but feel if I had done more to know these signs and that I couldn't stop my mum from suffering. Im absolutely lost without her and I don't know what to do. Thankyou for reading.
  3. I lost my dad in June he developed sepsis following a bowel obstruction, he had emergency surgery and spent 4 weeks in icu and a week in hdu before his death. I cannot get over my anger as from his admission to hospital I was aware he was seriously ill and despite telling every staff member and being a nurse myself he deteriorated in front of my eyes.I cannot believe he is gone and am struggling to get over the trauma of it all
  4. Paul


    Hello, As someone who a month ago had never experienced the effects of Sepsis - let alone even heard of it under that name - I can now say my world is completely altered. My partner, Alan, died a month ago of Sepsis brought on by bronchopneumonia. In the space of eight hours what had started out in the middle of the night as throwing-up due to a suspected 'dodgy' reaction to something eaten the evening before, resulted in Alan's death. I've lost my partner, companion and best friend in life. Alan showed no signs or symptoms of any sickness the day before and it's destroying to know that what looked like 'everyday' sickness, the start of flu or a bad bug was in fact killing him. In a few hours all Alan had by way of symptoms was vomiting and 'feeling very hot'. All many adults would do is sleep it off and rest, as he tried to, as we all do with any suspected 24-hour flu or stomach bug that hits us. This is how I last saw him: in bed, asleep thinking he was doing the right thing and resting. I found Alan dead in bed later on. He was in a sleeping position so I hope - not much comfort right now - that he passed out and he died in his sleep/unconscious. The effects of Sepsis are truly dreadful and yet so few people know about this fast killer - the window of opportunity seems appallingly small and the ways in which it kills are so varied. The frightening thing is that many of it's symptoms - to the uninitiated - are things all adults suffer from time-to-time. I noticed on the news the following day the Government announcing a new campaign to encourage GPs to spot the symptoms sooner. I hope this saves lives, but how many people will know to contact with things many expect to shake off in a day or so, especially when told to go away if the symptoms are flu-like? Reading some of the posts here and elsewhere remind me I'm not the only one in this terrible boat but cannot bring back the one I loved. However, we must do what we can to prevent and minimise the effects of this terrible infection. Regards, Paul
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