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Found 2 results

  1. My name’s Scott. On June 1st 2019 I was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties. This was in fact influenza which developed into double pneumonia. Sepsis wasn’t far behind. It tore a hole in my lung the size of a shotgun wound. It shut down my kidneys, liver and stomach. I had a higher percentage chance of death than survival. But survive I did. I went to sleep June 1st and came back to the land of the living in July on the back end of a month long coma. I still have Post Sepsis Syndrome and have a long road yet to go. But I’m still here. そして、私は死の殺人者です...
  2. I'm think I'm having an issue with post sepsis syndrome. I was sent to hospital in April with what they thought was a UTI. I had a catheter inserted (very painful), was given IV antibiotics and pain relief and had bloods taken. After about 4 hours of waiting on a bed in A&E my temp shot up and i was moved to resus. It wasn't until the next day that they said it was Sepsis. So for 4 days they were looking for and abscess in the urinary tract, but couldn't find anything. I was discharged on day 4 with a bag of antibiotics and that was it. I was not getting any better so i visited my GP
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