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Found 2 results

  1. I am married to Marc, a man who was perfectly fit and healthy until June 2014 when he suffered from Group A streptococcus and (extremely long story short) ended up with sepsis and fighting to survive. He spent 3 months in hospital, 45 days of which were in ITU and had to recover from being put into a medically-induced coma to help him survive when all his organs were shutting down. He has since had to learn to breathe again, walk again and recovery has taken so much longer than we could ever have anticipated. We are now 21 months from his initial hospitalisation and, while things are so much better than they were, they are still far from normal. What I find difficult is other people's assumptions that he should be better by now, and that people have no clue as to what he is and isn't capable of managing. What is a very simple task for others can be a massive challenge for him, and we are constantly re-evaluating and readjusting our lives to incorporate any difficulties he is having, while trying hard to remain as 'normal' as possible. We have two children aged 6 and 8 who have gone through the whole process with us and most of the time are so considerate of their dad's needs. Reading some of the experiences on this site makes me wish I had been more aware of the Sepsis Trust earlier - there are so many others whose symptoms sound the same as Marc's. I have only recently begun to come to terms with what has happened to us all - I consider that we have all been affected as a family unit - and started to write about it as a way to process it all. I wondered if there were other close relatives of sepsis survivors out there who feel similar? Thanks
  2. The medical care during diagnosis and immediate after care was second to none. I will always be grateful to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, both in ITU and in the ward. My continuing kidney issues are also being dealt with very professionally and with regular visits. What I found difficult was the recovery from the symptoms of sepsis that lingered. I have gone through everything from sleeping non stop, sever chronic fatigue, six months of anti-depression medication etc etc... I have used mindfulness, changed my diet, worked with a personal trainer to work on minimal exercise just to being the long road back. I had been very fit, competing in triathlons, half-marathons etc, in addition to being a 50+ year old granny! I then joined the FB group Road 2 Recovery https://www.facebook.com/Road-2-Recovery-496380080543190/ The Personal Trainer heading up this page suffered from a pulmonary embolism last year so understands 100% what it is like to try to regain a 'normal' life. She was an excellent runner who has had to re-adjust her goals. This understanding plus her education, background and personality has given her a perfect insight on how to support people going through the struggle we are all going through. She also runs a 'private' group that runs for 8 week blocks. This provides very personalised and private support. I would highly recommend contacting her (Choc Harris). It doesn't matter where you live because all the support is online. I believe I have come off the anti-depressant meds largely due to the camaraderie and support from this group. I am back on my bike and although I accept I might not return to triathlons I know I can get back to some sort of fitness and enjoy life again. Feel free to message me, if you have questions but look her up on FB, using the http address above. Gillian
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