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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Guys , It's been nearly 4 years now since I contracted sepsis - The first few months were taken up learning to walk all over again [ I had a spinal op in 2011 ] and coming to terms with what had happened to me - my sole kidney , lungs and eventually my heart all failed while I was wired up to a Life Support Machine for three weeks . I wasn't aware that I had ' died ' for several minutes and that the Doctors were convinced that I was going to die until I was home for 6 months , that came as a bit of a shock I must admit and I was grateful to my wife that she kept it away from me while I was still at hospital [ 3 months ] . Anyway , as I've said , 4 years have nearly passed and since then I've had my share of ordinary illnesses , colds , chest infections etc for which I've needed antibiotics and steroids [ I'm asthmatic ] . My son recently went down with a heavy cold / flu , followed by my wife - both suffered from coughs , sneezes and runny noses . Since the 6th October 2016 however I have been experiencing ' flu-like ' symptoms without the usual coughs , runny noses and chest infections - my blood pressure was on the low side [ 106/64 ] during the first week and my pulse rate wavered between 89-102 which is high for me [ usually around 76-78 ] , naturally I got a bit worried , temperature was a constant 38.1- I was also experiencing some sort of ear infection as I was tottering over to the left upon standing up - I explained all this to one of my Doctors who examined me and couldn't find anything wrong , my breathing was fine . She did agree that my blood pressure was low and did not examine my ear [ despite me saying I thought I may have an ear infection ] A week later I visited my usual Doctor who also couldn't find anything wrong but did take my bloods . Two days later the results were in - ' kidney and liver are fine , white blood cells are showing you have an infection ' . After a third visit to my Doctor I was given antibiotics to treat my ear infection ' it does look a bit red ' [ after 10 days of suffering from a possible ear infection ] . Now I do take pain killers because of my back problem and allopurinol because of long term gout/arthritis , but the feeling of having ' flu ' persisted so I also took paracetamol [ 2 x 3 times a day ] which has given me some relief - it's now 31 days since I began feeling unwell , I think I'm feeling slightly better after nearly completing my course of anti biotics but I can't be 100% sure - my blood pressure is now quite good for a 60 year old [ 123/72 ] , pulse is still high [ for me ] at 89-90 - temperature is 37- 37.1 . On 4/11 I was sent for a chest x ray ' to start ruling things out ' after blood tests showed my white blood cells were still high . I'll get the results tomorrow but I'm sort of quietly confident that will be ok . Has anyone else suffered from a mystery virus which seems to hang on with no signs of leaving since they contracted sepsis ? I feel as if I have flu , then after taking two courses of paracetamol I feel a bit better [ betwen 11am and 3pm ] , then I don't feel too bad up till 8pm when I go to bed feeling exhausted - by morning I feel ' yukky ' again . Can it be my immune system has taken a knock since December 2012 and isn't dealing that well with colds and flu or am I just a bit unlucky ? Could I be suffering from Vitamin D deficiency [ I haven't been outside for 31 days ] ? I have never experienced this kind of illness before and am slightly worried . My wife is also going into Hospital for a knee replacement op on the 9th November so I need to feel better pretty darned quick .
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