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Raising Sepsis Awareness

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At the UK Sepsis Trust, we recognise the scale and significance of the impact of severe sepsis on sufferers and their families. Although many patients return to a normal life, those who survive the condition may experience longstanding physical effects, and some suffer from psychological difficulties resulting from their prolonged illness.


We aim, through effort and through our status as a registered charity, to:

  • Provide support to patients and their relatives, including those bereaved by sepsis, through the provision of accessible information and the development of support networks
  • Raise public awareness of sepsis through engagement of traditional and social media resources
  • Continue, via our associated education programme, Survive Sepsis, to educate health professionals of all disciplines in the importance of early sepsis recognition and management
  • Establish the infrastructure necessary to facilitate improvement through our Parliamentary lobbying campaign

We are a registered charity, registration number 1146234.

Our 28 page, full colour booklet, ‘Sepsis: a guide for patients & relatives’ can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here, and is available to Intensive Care Units for just £11.95 for 125 copies (to cover P&P)- e mail fiona@sepsistrust.org


Our lay group, comprising ex-patients and persons bereaved by sepsis, is available to provide support and works with us to inform public awareness campaigns. We anticipate that during 2014 we will launch a structured support network across England, Wales and Scotland (once we are registered in Scotland in the Spring).


We work with the media and with other charities, including the Global Sepsis Alliance, to promote awareness.


Our media outreach in 2013 was to over 30 million people, with appearances on BBC News at Ten, ITV News at Ten, BBC Breakfast and regional television news, radio interviews including on Radio 4′s Today programme and Radio Five Live, and over a dozen articles in national newspapers and glossies.


Through 2013, and focused around World Sepsis Day in September, we built a coalition of stakeholders including the Royal College of Surgeons, Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of General Practitioners, Royal College of Nursing, Intensive Care Society, Society for Acute Medicine, Infection Prevention Society and College of Emergency Medicine. We will be making representation to Her Majesty’s Government and to the Department of Health to help establish sepsis as a clinical priority for the NHS. A first step in this was the formation of our All Party Parliamentary Group on sepsis, launched in September 2013.


Awareness among healthcare professionals is also low. We have developed a training programme, Survive Sepsis, which is endorsed by relevant professional bodies.


Survive Sepsis aims to improve knowledge and skills in recognition and management of sepsis among all healthcare professions. We have released a free App across iOS, Android and Windows platforms to assist in the bedside recognition of sepsis.


See main website for more info here

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