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New member seeking tips and advice

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Hello Everyone


I have just joined following an internet search for advice/tips and hints on managing life after sepsis.


My story started in early December last year with me being admitted for IV steroids. Over the next 6 months I went through...a perforated bowel (left to heal itself), laparotomy to remove abscess & 300ml of pus and found my appendix had disappeared, transfer to specialist bowel hospital who eventually removed my large bowel and created an illeosyomy, my wound dehisced and was left to heal by itself, 2 minor operations for debridement/possible plastic surgery on wound and then sepsis for which I spent a week in HDU. My family tried to get the doctors to listen to their concerns a week before sepsis diagnosis but it was only when a fellow patient got the ward admin involved that a gaggle of doctors arrived at my bedside because I was seeing rabbits on the ward!! I was finally discharged at the end of June not able to walk and with an open wound measuring 18cm x 10cm and several allergies/sensitivities which I didn't have before.


I currently suffer from a few things which on reading forum posts are likely to be due to sepsis and the amount of drugs I have had. I wondered if anyone had any tips for managing them, here goes....


Scalp very dry and flakey. Hair is now curly when it was straight. Hair still falling out but new hair is growing. I try not to brush and wash it that much, any other things I could try?



Skin itches mainly at night and I end up taking hospital prescribed anti-itching pills for when I can't cope. Rest of skin also dry but I am very sensitive to creams/sprays - the district nurses can't even use barrier sprays as I am now allergic (wasn't before sepsis) - I am the first patient they have come across like this. Any ideas?


I have more major surgery to come once wound has healed and am concerned of it all happening again. Is there any evidence that if you have had sepsis once you are more likely to get it again?


Sorry for the long post but it feels a lot better writing it all down.


Have a great weekend.

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Hi I'm Sherrie a critical care nurse working alongside the sepsis trust ,

Writing things down really helps , I'm sorry to read your story but it's not something I'm not unfamiliar with , the itching is something I've not been aware of but aloe Vera cream from health shops I've heard works well it could be that your skin is so dry and that's causing itching so try that to help moisturise too ,

I can see your worries re sepsis reoccurring and unfortunatly it can but now with more promotion and with yourself knowing the signs you will be more aware of it and able to get treatment quicker .

Re hallinations ie rabbits I hope these have settled not you are home these can be caused by many different medications and the infection itself , hope they haven't bothered you too much if so please reply.

Sounds like your doing well and I suggest maybe writing a diary to see how far you have come, please reply for anything else.

Best wishes Sherrie

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Hi sorry hair loss or thinning is also common and probably because lack of nutrients during you being ill it does grow back once your back to a normal diet .


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Sorry to hear of your illness and ongoing issues. I'm a survivor and I also have flaky skin and itching. Both have been put down to fantanyl and other opiates. I'm using Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo and its been excellent for me. For body itching I've used E45 Intense Recovery body lotion, which calms the itching somewhat. I was prescribed Emulsifying Ointment but its lard like consistency was not for me. It also includes alcohol so I guess not ideal for you.

I concur with Sherrie re getting sepsis again. Without doubt you will be better placed to know the warning signs and deal with it. If worried at anytime get yourself to A&E. They will be sympathetic towards you due to your recent history and check you out. I've had no repeat and strangely have been cold, flu free since sepsis.


Take care, Mark

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hello hudlet and welcome to the forum,thats an awful lot to go through and then to get sepsis,none of that must of been easy on you.each one of those operations and procedures can carry there own issues regarding recovery, i know that B12 deficiency can be a side effect of an ileostomy,due to the number of meds and treatments, i have become allergic to certain things like the iodine dye in CT scans,and this happened before i got sepsis.but like you there are other things that are definitely post sepsis.

recovery from sepsis alone takes time....alot more time than i thought, and i can understand your concern about this next operation.like the others have said there are no  guarantees,However from my own research there seems to be three main groups in the high risk category for recurrence,they are the very young,the elderly,and cancer patients who have undergone extended chemotherapy treatments which have compromised the immune system,

like sherrie has said     there can be lots of support on here,and there always the office to phone if you would like to speak to one of the nurses,

You probably already know this but there is another website that can help with support for issues around the ileostomy www.iasupport.org.

be good to yourself,youv been through alot.and i wish you the best.


kind regards Red

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