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Hi everyone


Can't believe I am posting this, but feel like I need to off load a bit

I am 32 years old, was completely healthy, went on holiday lost my unborn child to sepsis-went in to septic shock and almost died myself from ARDS.

I was in ICU for a week, the staff really cared for me, but I am struggling to come to terms with any of it, its something that I will discuss with my doctor but I am suffering from fatigue, bereavement. I am burying my baby tomorrow, I was 18 weeks pregnant and after 2 previous miscarriages it is utterly devastated us.


I know I am lucky, I know how poorly I was and how others here have lost loved ones to this cruel illness, I am just in the throws of all this emotion and go from feeling very lucky, to very depressed and guilty. I will probably be attending one of the support groups when I am feeling  a little better, its just a strange feeling that so much happened in such a short time, no doctor would sign me off to come home at first so its been  a very dramatic experience as you can imagine, I just want to speak to people who have been through similar experiences themselves.



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Nothing on here to say you've had any replies so far sweetie, it is a terrible feeling that you have had such a loss, I can't help you with such tragedy other than to say one in four ladies lose a baby, shocking and painful. 

Sepsis then, is just the underlying devil of life that is so underestimated and people are not informed enough.

I am sure the sepsis trust people will be in touch, but from me, you are not alone, it is an unkind and cruel disease. 

I am a newbie, unable to offer expert advice, only my thoughts and sadness for your loss.

If you need to off load, I have four kids and six grandkids, I have been in the military and the police, seen so much, but still feel terrible about how devastating sepsis effects so many people. My kindest and most sincere regards to you and your family. Brian G

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