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red squirrel

Raising awareness within the NHS

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Members have recently posted about how they can and do raise awareness within the NHS regarding sepsis.this is for anyone who would wish to do the same but are unsure about how to make a start.You dont have to be a patient/survivor to do this, although patients are encouraged.

In the first instance you can sign up to your local hospital news letter either by post or email this will inform you of any new initiatives taking place and how you may help.

Most hospitals now have a dedicated patient and public involvement department and in some cases can be contacted directly.where you could help in areas such as.....


Become a patient leader

Take part in projects and initiatives

Joining the register of readers to review patient information leaflets

Take part in decisions that affect how services operate

Join a patient- led assessment team

How to plan and provide services

Help junior and interns become more patient aware

take part in how to develop and change the way they provide services

Become a secret shopper for the hospital.


there are others also but they vary by region and they are not all sepsis- related

iv done some of these myself and have found them on the whole to be immensely rewarding,

Recovering patients may find some of these activities a little tiring as some may involve  a whole day visiting wards,  form filling and travel so pace yourself.some hospitals can arrange travel in certain circumstances also.



regards Red

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