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The BBC News Page online today 10th March

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Morning Dave


Thank you for sending that. Well done to Patrick


How so true the magic words. Not have I sepsis but " How do you know it isn't Sepsis !!! ".


I am still struggling four and half years on after sepsis destroying my inside. I was a patient recovering from an operation, if you like I was ' lucky ' to be there and rushed to surgery.

(My story is on my forum)


I am in the older age and I know I have been told it's longer to recover.


I am amazed the common factor we are struggling with is .......


We want to do so much AND do try.

Why are we thinking just as if we have turned a corner pain, aches  and extreme tiredness hit us again.


I know the answer is a bit at a time, aren't we all guilty of not doing that. But we don't sit there and think I cant try, I wont try.


So please if you are reading this you Are doing well, think what has hit us. If you had a really bad case of flu or another illness you would sign off from work or rest wouldn't you. Magnify this big and that puts it into perspective. 


Boy am I great at putting into words what I don't always practice.....but I will.


Well done to you all and me for the hard work we put in.


I hope you have a good weekend.


best wishes


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