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Today Is My 5th Year Anniversary .

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            Good Morning Everyone ,

 Just looked at today's date and saw it was five years to the day when I went down with sepsis .

 After spending over 3 months at The Royal Alexandra Hospital , Paisley and our local hospital here on Skye it took me nearly a year to recover from the physical aspects , the mental side of my illness is still there otherwise I wouldn't be writing on  here today . In fact my only strategy of recovery from the mental side of my sepsis was writing , I'd write on every forum I belonged to , I became a bit of a sepsis bore I am sure but it was my way of coping and also informing those around me who had never heard of sepsis .

 For those of you just out of hospital I would say this - Stop Worrying - Get as Much Exercise As You Can - Get As Much Rest As You Can and Eat Well , You Are A Survivor .


 I remember when I was in Hospital my son asking my Consultant whether I'd contract sepsis again - he replied ' No ' of course - however there are varying degrees of sepsis - I was treated for sepsis only last year again - a gallstone had got stuck in my ampula and I'd turned a nice shade of yellow - The Doctors didn't know this at the time of course and I was immediately treated for sepsis - my treatment went on for nine days . I felt fine throughout . I had my gallbladder removed 6 months later .


My 2012/2013 sepsis put me on a Life Support Machine for just under 3 weeks , my sole kidney and my lungs failed here on Skye and I was flown to Paisley as it was snowing in Inverness - after a few days I suffered cardiac arrest , my wife was informed I had died at one point then told I'd ' come back ' , the poor thing had gone home to Skye for a clean set of clothing when she heard this news , she just turned the car round and drove back to Paisley . I wasn't told this story until I was back home and well . The Doctors never did find out what had caused my original sepsis , I have a few suspicions but that's all they are .


 Five years later I still think about my time in Hospital , the fantastic Staff that saved my life and cared for me afterwards , I think about how lucky I am but I still try to get on with my Life - I no longer work due to a disability , I had a spinal operation in 2011 and can only walk short distances  Sepsis was just something I had to get through , it needn't spoil the rest of your time on this earth - Stay Strong Everyone .

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  Thank you Dave and Emma ,

I've posted about my sepsis experience before on here , it's just that I thought I'd try to reassure those who are newly out of hospital and worrying about what the future may hold - it's quite natural to think that you're going to contract this awful illness again , I certainly thought so .

My circumstances will be different to many in that I was disabled when I contracted sepsis so my recovery time will have been longer , I could walk a few steps beforehand but when I was discharged from Paisley I had to spend time learning how to walk again as my muscles had deteriorated quite badly - I then contracted pneumonia after 4 days at home so back to hospital I went , this time for three weeks .


One positive to come from three months lying on a hospital bed was the sciatica in my left leg was cured , before the sepsis struck I wasn't able to drive our car any more due to the severe pain in my hip and leg , now I can drive once more albeit relatively short distances but at least I don't feel trapped in my own home any more .


I say a little ' Thank You ' each night before going to bed - Five years ago my Family were told to prepare for my death but I'm still here , and that is thanks to the brilliant Doctors , Nurses and Auxiliaries who work tirelessly in every hospital across Britain , heroes each and every one .

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