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A family nightmare

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I am new to th Site, until my husband got Sepsis I had never heard of it. This is our story:


On the 5th December 17, my husband was rushed into hospital, unable to move, freezing cold, and in a way not with us. When I arrived I was taken into a side room and told he was in a critical condition. They were doing tests. I gave them as much information as I could about his medical conditions ( COPD, heart failure, fluid retention), he was also having daily infusions, with the heart failure nurses. I also advised them of his ICD.


After what felt hours I was allowed to see him, he was wrapped in a heat sheet, as he was so cold. He did not know I was there. They were giving him pain killers as he seamed in a little of pain. We were advised his lactate level was 20+, this should be 1.2. They stated that tests were proving nothing and carried on trying. We were then told he had Sepsis. We started asking questions, however we were told that his heart was also failing, therefore any treatment would not be viable. An on duty Doctor told us they were going to deactivate his ICD, and sent him to a private to be given end of life treatment. We went to MAU and I again told them he was under the hear failure nurses and one on the cardiac Doctors. I also advised he was on a fluid restriction, only to be told this did not matter now.


As we had an appointment for his daily infusion I went to CCU to tell them what had happened. They were shocked and said they would contact his Doctor at once. Within 20 minutes his Doctor turned up ( one of the top cardiologists ) and he said "under no circumstances" is a 48 year old being put on end of life treatment, demanding he be moved at once to CCU. They started treatment at once. We were advised that he was in a very critical condition, given the 20 hours delay he may not recover. His ICD remained deactivated, and a DNR was placed in his notes. We had a few risky days and nights, however 6 days after being transferred to CCU, he came around and started to slowly improve. His ICD was put back on and the DNR removed.

We are now looking forward to him coming home for new year. His consultant and the team of nurses saved his life. Things are not going to be the same, as his memory is not good, he struggles to walk, and finds talking very hard.


We have logged a complaint about A & E, and have a list of questions that we want to be answered.


We as a family are very close, and this has had a massive effect on us all. We will be stronger for this even when times are hard. We don't know what the future holds but we will deal with it day by day.

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Hi Thank you for sharing your husbands awful experience with Sepsis.  At the UK Sepsis Trust we have a Support Team on 0808 800 0029.  Please give us a call if you or your husband would like a chat.

Thank you

Emma Collins

Support Nurse


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