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Am I going mad

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On September 28th 2017 I gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl Layla everything went great was very fast so time for epidural. All was great she was feeding well so went home. We went home 3days later all was great. However 1 day home I began to get shivers & I said it to my midwife she said it was my milk coming in so I took her word for it as had no temp.The next day my hubby & 2 other children decided to bring Layla for a short walk was a nice day & I needed to get out of the house was so good to get fresh air however during the walk I completely blacked out where my husband was amazing he just caught me before I went to the ground I we headed home & my midwife was coming so I told her & she said I was over doing it needed to rest. My hubby felt it was more but I said I would just rest & fed Layla in bed anymore until I felt better. Unfortunately the next day was much worse I spent the night shivering couldn't get warm I took panadol & nurofen but no joy the morning I had improved but not for long I continued to have shivers so I checked my temp that afternoon as before it was fine but this time it was 40.4°c so I headed to doctor who immediately sent me to the hospital I was seen straight away & put on iv antibiotics & morphine panadol & oral antibiotics I was a little delirious in my talk my hubby had to speak for me they could get my temp down for 3days until an internal scan showed that some placenta was left inside causing me to become septic so had a DNC & had to remain in hospital for a week & go home on oral antibiotics... they said I was lucky to go in when I did as otherwise it would have been a different story... I felt awful for weeks so exhausted I had to nap for 2hours each day aswell as sleep all night I stopped breastfeeding as I was just too exhausted & was getting dizzy spells so my hubby did all night feeds..


I am now 4month post septic & I still don't feel myself fully I get these random dizzy spells & am still tired I know I've a new baby & 2 boys to look after but I may have rested all day & still feel wrecked. But it's the dizzy spells I am concerned about I went back to the doctor & she said it's normal it should subside my bloods are all normal again, I am just wondering how long could I feel like this & is this normal??

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No your not going mad, that's PSS for you. it's taken me nearly 2 years to feel normal-ish... Stress doesn't help, it seems to make it worse.

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Hi,  Marky is right you are not going mad.  So many people ask this question because neither you or those around you expect recovery to be so difficult and to take so long.

The time it takes to recover varies greatly from individual to individual, 6 - 18 months is a common period of time for recovery, some people can feel better after only a few weeks and a few can take several years.


If you would like to talk to a member of our support team you can do this by calling our confidential support number 0808 800 0029 Mon - Fri  9 -3  They are trained nurses who have a lot of knowledge about sepsis and recovery, you can talk to them about what happened to you and ask any questions you may have.


I here is a link to our information booklets you will find some useful info on sepsis and recovery.  Remember you are not on your own, many people are experiencing similar recoveries with the same problems  as your self. It is important to let those around you know how you are feeling and share information about recovery with them.

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Hi there


I know it is 9 months since you wrote your struggle on the forum.

I was going through it and for some reason yours came up. Dont know why but I thought I must reply and see how you are doing.


How are you and Layla ?. With 2 other children you had a mountain to climb. Thank goodness for your husband. He soynds so supportive.


Rest and pacing yourself has been emphasised to me so many times and I only have myself to worry about.

Its so difficult to do that at times with having a family but it sounds like you have understanding around you. It does get frustrating but I am hoping its a little easier, if not please accept help. I found it hard to do that but am better....

a bit !!!


If you do have the luxury of a spare half hour have a warm fragrant foamy bath. Or rest with your favourite soft music. Even just a magazine a tea/coffee and a treat. In other words time for you.

Your body has been through a trauma.


You will have built many memories of Layla since you wrote. Well done you for coping with it all as hard as it is.

Take care



Hope you didn't mind me writing

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