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Raising Awareness, Crossing the Yorkshire Moors

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What a privilege to have been part of the team from CAN young peoples team to take on the challenge to cross the Yorkshire Moors to raise funds for the Sepsis Trust UK. The challenge was successfully completed. The walkers set off at 6.00am on Saturday. Crossing the moors took 18 hrs. 30mins. I arrived back home at 6.00 am Sunday. Those walking the moors were Brian McDairmid, Gurnham Singh, John Parkinson and Alison Mills the Manager of the CAN young peoples team. I was in the support vehicle with Pat who is Alison's partner. This was quite a challenge and required a great deal of physical and mental effort. Along the way they were met with all conditions and on arrival at a couple of checkpoints they were soaked through. In addition, they completed the last seven miles in darkness. Being on the moors at night is scary - and that was just in the support vehicle!! Lol. Seriously though witnessing such drive and determination to reach a goal was so inspiring and encouraging. I'm glad I made the effort to take part, what an experience. Well done everyone. 




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Hi Dave


Really good to hear about the success of the Team's endeavours - The Support Car Role is really tough!


Fantastic achievement all-round - well don. HAve Tweeted the news (and fixed your JustGiving Link so it goes straight to the page - hope that's OK)

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