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Survivor struggling

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Hi all,

I survived Sepsis in December 2012 on my birthday of all things! It's approaching 4 1/4 years now, and I was directed here and to support groups by the volunteer co-ordinater as she advised I need to process emotional trauma and get my head in the right place to volunteer so I don't break down telling my story. This is what happened when I shared my story and watched it played back as part of my uni assessment in playback theatre, where audience members volunteer to share their story in front of an audience. I shared it at the very end after another audience member shared a difficult story wanting to raise awareness, proving that not all performance sharings were happy/funny/joyful. I couldn't write my essay, I was a mess and need to try and process some of my feelings on here of emotional pain and upset, of confusion, bewilderment and loneliness with it all.

Thanks all for reading,

Holly x

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