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Sepsis and neutropenic after chemotherapy

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Good afternoon.  I raised an issue a few days back now and have received no comments to date.  

Last evening my husband became unwell again, only ten days home after being in hospital on IV antibiotics for nine days and early admissions to.  In all since January he has had three UTI's, a chest infection sepsis and now yet another UTI all of which have been treated with antibiotics.  Is neutropenic levels have been very low then improved slightly to go back down again yesterday.  We are both worried about this ongoing situation and he has just made a statement which shocked me to the core.  He said that he wonders how much more his body can take and whether or not he will ever get well again.  I cannot give him an answer to this. The medical team just keep saying that they will not be surprised to see him in A&E again (joy) and that all they can do is IV antibiotics yet again.  A long term catheter and a stent from his right kidney are 'aliens' in his body but he needs them both. The reality is without the catheter he will have infections because his bladder does not empty fully since radiotherapy but with the catheter and with low white blood counts he will get infections.  It seems a no win situation.  Has anyone else suffered like this and had an alternative to the catheter suggested? If not which will be the safest option ? Catheter in or out ? We have an appointment with the urology team in two weeks but two weeks is a long time where infections/sepsis is concerned. 

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Hello there.

First of all I am sorry you havent had feed back. Normally a notification comes up on email. I havent had one but really not sure if all members get. I haven't been on forum quite a while due to many appointments and problems so would have replied.

I do hope you have some help or answers by now but cant relay to your husbands as I'm not familiar with that.

Isn't it so very frustrating when the patient or carer/family cant get answers or help. THAT I can relate to as my GP's say they dont know what to do and i feel I dont want to bother them anymore.

Is there anyone on the cancer side you can talk to. There are so many helplines its difficult to know which is the most helpful for you and your husband.

As for his feelings i cant tell you how many times I have said my body cant take anymore. Its said when you are most tired because thats how we feel but somehow tomorrow is another new day. I do wish you both well and hope someone out there can relate to you both.

Take care of yourself too

Best wishes


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