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i had sepsis shock in october, due to my kidney was blocked, i had a emergency  upostomy, was in icu for 3 days, now have a urostomy bag, 

cant get to grips why i still feel so weak tired and pain, is this my life now, i am so thankful the hospital saved my life, but i am so affraid it will happen again,

i will be 70 next year and have had lots of health problems ie bowel cancer, copd, arthritis , i manage to fight through these but this sepsis has really knocked me off my feet, 

how long will i feel like this, can anyone advise, thanks

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Hi, the symptoms you describe are extremely common following sepsis.  Recovery following sepsis can be a slow and difficult process.  Often people are surprised by how they feel and some of the problems they encounter.  Recovery varies greatly form one person to the other in terms the problems experienced and the length of time to recover.   Many people find it helpful to discuss their recovery with a member of our support team at the UK Sepsis Trust.  The support team are all trained nurses with experience in critical care, sepsis and sepsis recovery.  You can tell them what has been happening to you and have the opportunity to ask questions, it can be helpful just to talk things through with someone who understands.  You can contact the support team by calling our Freephone confidential helpline  number 08088000029 Monday to Friday 9 – 4 pm.


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