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So good to see some of the faces to names today at HoP


Just wish I could have met more of you - but there wasn't enough time!!!


Next year we should have a stage parade - like an American graduation (or maybe bigger name badges!)


Get your photo face on the Forum so we can catch up at next event


Respect to AnnaC, well done today to you - and of course ALL those that made today happen





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Hi Eselpath


It was the second reception held by the All Party Parliamentary Group which has the following aim:


To provide a medium through which parliamentarians, organisations and those affected by Sepsis both directly and indirectly can discuss the current provision for the illness, which claims 37,000 lives in the UK every year, press for indicators related to Sepsis to be included in the NHS outcomes framework, promote public understanding and advocate for simple, timely interventions to be implemented as standard across the NHS.


There's not much on-line re the event itself although social media has lots of info and references. You can see more on twitter @sepsisuk or @UKSepsistrust and facebook which gives more info


If you would like to learn about the event itself, please post back and we can see if there is a summary for publication


Thanks Eselpath - good to hear from you

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