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Hayley's mujm


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My profile picture shows my beautiful daughter Hayley cuddling a teddy, with an inset of her son cuddling the same teddy.  Hayley died aged 27 years, when Alfie was 3 weeks old. She had developed sepsis from an infected C. section wound and spent 2 weeks unconscious on a ventilator and ECMO (lung bypass) before dying from 'catastrophic brain damage' as a result of a clot travelling to her brain. I still dont fully understand what happened properly and how we went from celebrating a new baby to burying my daughter. Hayley was a bright, bubbly, vivacious young woman who loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest. She had been longing for a baby and after a miscarriage at 12 weeks she was left devastated. 6 months later she was thrilled to be pregnant again, but anxious all the time in case something happened to her baby again. We had the happiest time of our lives pram and baby shopping. We scoured the NW of England looking at prams, before buying the original one that had caught her eye. Every pay day I would buy more baby things and we would look through our pile of goodies to see what else we needed. She was thrilled when nana bought her a mama's and papa's bedroom set. She never saw Alfie in his cot and never put him in his pram. He was 10 days old the last time she saw him, he is now 3 1/2 years old.  He is so like his mummy. A bubbly little character, full of fun and mischief. She would adore him. Instead we watch him growing up  without the mummy who loved him so much. Just before she went into a coma she told me she was glad it was her that was ill and not Alfie. Every day is hard knowing she is dead. Even after 3 years I still feel as if I could wake up from this nightmare and have her back, have my real life back, the one I was meant to have before this happened. Hopefully this forum will grow and provide support to others facing the loss of a loved one to this horrible illness.



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Hi Anne


Like you, I have lost someone to Sepsis. You are so right about hoping you'll wake up and it'll all be a bad dream. How true that is. Life can be so cruel and I too would like this forum to grow, and be some sort of support to others going through this.


Nothing prepares you for the shock loss and devastation losing someone to Sepsis feels like. It is the first thing you think of when waking up, and the last thing at night. Things like this don't happen to families like mine, and it all feels like a really bad dream.


Feel free to PM me if you want to.


Sarah x

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